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  • You avoid meeting up with friends because you’re embarrassed about your weight
  • You look in the mirror and don’t recognize the person looking back at you anymore 
  • You feel stuck! You want to lose weight, but you know that you need to keep your calories up to keep your milk supply
  • You’re exhausted and can’t find the energy to exercise or create healthy meals 
  • You’re DONE wearing your maternity clothes and want to feel like YOU again! 

Imagine If You Could...

  • have an exact plan designed just for you on how to safety starting the keto diet
  • lose the baby weight while not only keeping your milk supply but potentially increasing it
  • get back into those pre-baby jeans
  • have an abundance of energy, EVEN while sleep-deprived
  • look into the mirror again and love what you see
  • feel sexy again!

And now, all this is possible and I created a program to help you accomplish this!



What Do Other Mamas Have To Say?!?

What makes the Keto Breastfeeding Method different then other keto programs out there?

The Keto Breastfeeding Method is the only program out there designed specifically for breastfeeding mamas to start the keto diet safely without losing your milk supply. Everything in the program, from macros, foods to add in, meal plans, the support and everything else included is all focused around the needs for you during your breastfeeding journey.

You will have a personalized game plan for starting your keto journey while breastfeeding so you won't have to worry about supply at all!


The Ketogenic diet (keto) is a diet high in healthy fats, moderate proteins and low in carbohydrates. By eating a certain way your body will enter a state of "ketosis". This actually transforms your body from a sugar burner to fat burner!

It's about eating real foods like vegetables, eggs, fish, meat, olive oil, and avoiding processed foods. You will eat lower carbs (skip the breads, cakes and cookies), adequate protein and LOTS of healthy fats (which support rich milk supply). You will nourish yourself and your baby with real food. The best drugs or crazy supplements that could harm you or your baby.

It can be difficult to figure keto out by yourself (especially while breastfeeding and sleep-deprived). I have been there, done that and I have done all the hard work for you. I have crunched the numbers and "cracked the code" all while keeping your little one's health as the top priority! 

What are the benefits of a Ketogenic Diet for new mamas? 

  •  Weight Loss
  •  Increased Milk Supply 
  •  More Nutrient Dense Milk
  •  Increased Energy
  • Increased Mental Clarity
  •  No More Cravings
  •  More Stable Mood
  •  Clearer Skin
  •  Stabled Blood Sugar
  •  Decreased Inflammation 
  •  And SO many more benefits! 

I will give you ALL of the tools, tips and tricks you need to make this work for you, your lifestyle and your body! 

Here Is What You'll Learn inside the Keto Breastfeeding Method..

How To Do Keto Safely While Breastfeeding

What Is The Keto Diet


The Right Foods To Eat While Doing Keto While Breastfeeding

How Your Body Feels In Ketosis

All About Craving and Troubleshooting

Working Out While Doing Keto While Breastfeeding

All About Sleep and Stress

Keto On The Go and Moving Forward After The Program


  • Personalized Macros designed for your body while breastfeeding
  • A personalized game plan designed just for YOU for starting your keto journey safely
  • 8 weeks of support from yours truly so that you'll know with confidence that you are doing it correctly and that means you can lose that baby weight faster
  • Lifetime access to a membership program that will give you full access to all the modules mentioned above
  • Nightly check-ins with me to personally check your food intake and macros, so that we can ensure your milk supply is stable and your feeling amazing. This also helps keeps you accountable and that means you'll be able to know every day if you are doing it correctly
  • Monthly Coaching Calls to ask me any questions you have LIVE on a zoom call. These are held 2x a month.
  • Meal plans and Shopping Lists which help you know exactly what you can eat and need to keep in your kitchen and that means no more second-guessing what you're eating. Plus, there are tons of lists for easy to grab snacks, the right carbs to eat, ways to add fats and SO much more.  
  • A private Facebook group that enables you to ask ANY question along the way. You'll also get support from all the other amazing breastfeeding mamas going through the same journey as you.
  • BONUS #1! Lifetime access to the private Facebook group so even after the 8 weeks are done you will still have support!
  • BONUS #2! Access to my Menu Planning Challenge so that you won't have to spend hours in the kitchen every day!
  • BONUS #3! Dairy-Free Recipe eBook so even if your little one has allergies to dairy you'll still be able to enjoy amazing keto recipes.

Are You Ready To Start Losing The Baby Weight Without Losing Your Milk Supply?!?

Pay In Full


  • The Entire 8 Module Keto Breastfeeding Method 
  • Private Client Only Facebook Groups
  • 1:1 Support From Julie in the Facebook Group
  • Nightly Check-ins in the Facebook Group
  • Meal Plan Ideas and Shopping Lists

3 Payments


  • The Entire 8 Module Keto Breastfeeding Method 
  • Private Client Only Facebook Groups
  • 1:1 Support From Julie in the Facebook Group
  • Nightly Check-ins in the Facebook Group
  • Meal Plan Ideas and Shopping Lists

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Hey! I'm Julie. A wife, mama to 3 little ones, and a ketogenic health coach specializing in working with breastfeeding mamas.

When I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd little one, I knew I wanted to follow this way of eating.

However, my body had other plans...

I ended up being sick the ENTIRE pregnancy and I wasn't able to keep up the keto diet.  

As soon as I had my baby I couldn't WAIT to jump back into keto! I was absolutely amazed by my results! 

I was losing the baby weight without sacrificing the foods I loved, my energy levels were going up, I was sleeping much better AND my milk supply skyrocketed! 

I quickly realized there was something very special happening here.  

I've been there. I've felt your frustration and that's why I've created The Keto Breastfeeding Method to start helping other moms, just like you! I've done all the hard work, all the trial and error, so you don't have to!

I can't wait to meet you inside the Keto Breastfeeding Method!

14 Days After Starting Keto!

The Keto Breastfeeding Method is PERFECT for you if...

  • You're a breastfeeding or pumping mama.
  • You're at least 3-4 weeks postpartum and your milk supply is fully stable.
  • You're ready to have a personalized game plan designed just for you to ensure you start losing the baby weight safely without risking your milk supply.

Don't wait until your done breastfeeding to start losing the baby weight, gaining epic mom energy, and get back into those skinny jeans when you can get started today!

Still Have Questions? 

  • When does the program start?

You can start the program whenever you're ready! Once you purchase the program, you will have FULL access to all of the material! You can then decide the exact date you would like to get started.

  • What if I am still pregnant?

This program is designed for breastfeeding mamas only. I have has mamas join while pregnant so they can go through the modules. But you wouldn't be able to start until after you have your little one.

  • How long after I have my little one should I wait to start the program?

I recommend waiting at least 3-4 weeks postpartum or until milk supply is fully stable before changing anything up in your diet.

  • Do I have to have experience with the keto diet before starting this program?

No! Not at all. This program was designed for beginning ketoers and will walk you through learning everything you will need to know about the keto diet.  

  • Can I do keto while being Dairy Free?

Yes! You definitely still can do keto while being dairy-free. One of the amazing bonuses is a Dairy-Free Recipe eBook. I also have a list of all my favorite dairy-free keto products and recipes. I'll also be there to help guide you :)

  • What if I started keto on my own and my milk supply has decreased, can you help me?!?

Yes, if your supply decreased just since starting keto, I definitely can help! I have helped tons of mama get their supply back up.

  • Can my husband join me on this journey?

I do teach keto to be done WAY differently while breastfeeding than when we aren't. So the way you do keto will look differently than the way your husband does. Because of this, I actually created a program just for the hubby's to teach him how to start and what they would need to do differently! This is a program only offered to mamas who join the Keto Breastfeeding Method. Message me for more detail :)

  • Do you still have some questions?

Send me a message on Facebook or email me at and I'd love to chat with you!

Join The Keto Breastfeeding Method Today!

Pay In Full


  • The Entire 8 Module Keto Breastfeeding Method 
  • Private Client Only Facebook Groups
  • 1:1 Support From Julie in the Facebook Group
  • Nightly Check-ins in the Facebook Group
  • Meal Plan Ideas and Shopping Lists

3 Payments


  • The Entire 8 Module Keto Breastfeeding Method 
  • Private Client Only Facebook Groups
  • 1:1 Support From Julie in the Facebook Group
  • Nightly Check-ins in the Facebook Group
  • Meal Plan Ideas and Shopping Lists

(Payment Plan on 2nd Page)